Courgette and pepper update

It was time to start potting up our second sowing of courgettes and some peppers into their lifetime pots last weekend.

We’ve got a couple of new varieties of courgettes we’re trying here: Eight Ball, Astia and Black Forest. They all produce slightly different fruit shapes, sizes and colours, but are all designed for growing in containers which is great for us!

As with our first sowing, we potted these up into 30 litre pots in multipurpose compost with some garden soil in the bottom of the pot for anchorage. Hopefully they’ll like their new position in the garden!

Last but not least, we potted up one of our Boiro peppers which are supposed to be a padron-type. We potted these up in the same multipurpose compost, but we find that peppers will generally grow in a c.10 litre pot absolutely fine.

We’re going to try and grow our peppers on in the greenhouse, as we’ve found in the past that this tends to mean that they grow a bit faster. However, if you don’t have any space indoors, they will grow fine outside.

As with our tomatoes and the earlier sowing of courgettes, we will also give these the occasional high nitrogen liquid feed to boost their leafy growth for the next month or so.

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