Cucumber chaos

We’ve got a few varieties of cucumbers underway: Tasty King, Diva, Salt and Pepper and Striped Armenian.

The Tasty King and Diva were sown first. As you can see, the Tasty King is starting to develop a couple of cucumbers now.

And the Diva is even further ahead, as we harvested our first cucumber this weekend! Diva is a lovely little mini cucumber that we’ve grown for the last couple of years. We can’t wait to try this one!!

As well as these plants, we did a later sowing of Salt and Pepper and Striped Armenian cucumbers. These are two new varieties for us, but we’re excited to see how they turn out!

The Salt and Pepper seems to be having a much better time than the Striped Armenian so far. In fact, we’ve had to provide the Salt and Pepper plant with a supporting cane this weekend that it can climb up. As with all our crops that we have to support, we are planning to loosely tie the cucumber plant to the cane every 4 to 6 inches.

Fingers crossed the Striped Armenian picks up and needs a supporting cane soon!

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