What else have we got growing in the greenhouse?

Our Kermit and Baby Bell aubergines are growing away nicely in their 10 litre pots in the greenhouse. It’s surprising how much they’ve grown in the short time since they’ve been potted up. As with our other container crops, we’re watering these morning and night, including a high nitrogen liquid feed every couple of days.

They seem to be doing alright so far!

The same can be said for the Mimi tomatoes. These are really starting to set at pace now, and we’ve got our fourth trusses just starting to show through. When we get to five or six trusses, we’ll pinch the growing point out of each plant to encourage the tomatoes to swell and then ripen!

Last but not least we’ve got the hanging basket tomatoes. These are growing away nicely and the sheep’s wool seems to be keeping the moisture in the hanging baskets – so far, so good! We have now moved them outside to harden off though. They are currently sat on buckets whilst they acclimatise and we can always take them back in the greenhouse if the weather turns cooler.

As soon as we can, we’re going to attach a couple of hanging basket brackets to the house and then they’ll be hanging there for the summer.

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