Start of the week update

Soya beans

The soya beans finally seem to have got off their feet. We only have four plants, but hopefully we’ll still get some sort of crop. In fact, we need to Google how you grow them on, as we haven’t grown these before!

For now, they seem to be doing alright in their 3″ pots though, and we’re keeping them regularly watered.

Pak choi

The pak chois are almost ready! As we have nearly 20 plants and there are only two of us, we’re going to start eating them a bit immature to try and make sure they don’t go to seed before we’ve eaten them all! We’ll do a further update once we’ve tried them to review what they’re like. Hopefully they’re tasty, as they’ve been hardly any trouble at all to grow!

Flowers (yes, we don’t just grow vegetables!)

We also planted out some non-vegetables last weekend – lavender, geraniums and sunflowers. The lavender plants were a couple I saved from the reduced section of Tesco on Friday evening. They were less than half price, and the only thing wrong with them is that they hadn’t been watered for a few days. So I had to take them home and take care of them!

We’ve grown the sunflowers from seed, and we bought the geraniums as plug plants to add a bit of colour (and a nice scent) to the garden when they start flowering.

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