Courgette catch up

The courgettes are certainly enjoying the hot weather we’ve been having. Well, providing they are kept adequately watered that is. They drink a lot of water on hot days, especially when they’re grown in containers, so we’re giving our water day and night at the moment.

But it seems to be working. The first sowing are starting to produce almost full sized courgettes now. We’re still taking them off slightly prematurely to give the plant a chance to really get going. However it won’t be long before it won’t need any help along from us as it will be strong enough to grow and produce courgettes all by itself!

As well as the above, the second sowing are also coming along nicely. It’s amazing how quickly the plants grow when they’re sown a bit later in comparison to the first sowing. They are really catching up now!

We just love courgette flowers. Although you can eat them, we don’t tend to. But they create a lovely burst of colour in the garden that’s for sure. This is an Eight Ball plant an also a Black Forest courgette which has a couple of fruits starting to form. We’re hoping these got pollinated so we’ll have a courgette or two to show for ourselves in a week or so. We’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, we’ll keep them well watered and top up their food with some high nitrogen liquid feed a couple of times a week to encourage the plant to continue to grow.

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