The summer harvest is beginning

We’ve been waiting patiently, for some of our veg to start producing fruits and they’ve come good over the past couple of weeks.

First up we’ve got the courgettes. Here, we have four different varieties (from left to right): Midnight, Black Forest, Astia and Eight Ball. The last three are all new varieties to us this year, but have all been impressive so far.

Next up we’ve got the Falco turnips. We would’ve ideally liked them to have grown a bit larger, but we think that the really dry weather held them back a bit as they were only grown in a container. Therefore, we’ve started harvesting them now so that hopefully we get through them before they start going to seed. Keep your fingers crossed!

Last up we’ve got our first strawberry harvest! There may only be five, but nothing beats the taste of a homegrown strawberry! Unfortunately,, the blackbirds that spend most of their days in our garden think the same. This resulted in a quick job covering the plants with a net one lunchtime last week to stop them pecking all the strawberries as they start to ripen. It seems to have fended them off so far luckily!

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