Outdoor tomatoes

We have so many varieties of tomatoes this year. We showed you how our four varieties of beefsteak tomatoes were doing in a previous post, but this is how the varieties outside are getting on. We have 12 plants in total, 11 different varieties (we have two Nimbus plants as they’re Chris’ favourite!)

As a reminder, the varieties we’re growing are as follows. We’ve tried to list them in order of the photo, from top left, across each row from left to right.

  • Olivade
  • Honeycomb
  • Apero
  • Sungold
  • Sun Cherry
  • Sun Chocolate
  • Shimmer
  • Nimbus
  • Atylade
  • Nimbus
  • Pink Honeymoon
  • Red Zebra

Our hanging basket tomatoes are also doing well. We have one basket of yellow tomatoes and one of red tomatoes. The plants in both baskets have almost outgrown the space they have and are absolutely laden with fruits and flowers. Some of the Cascade are even starting to ripen. We can’t wait to try these!

The biggest trouble with hanging basket tomatoes is keeping the compost in the baskets moist. We’ve had a few warm days recently and if you’re not careful the leaves flop down by the end of the day. One way we’ve found to resolve this is to fill a builder’s bucket with water and then place the hanging basket on top of it for a couple of hours so it can soak up water from the bottom. We find that this keeps it going for a little while longer and over-the-top watering will then suffice twice a day. If the compost starts to feel dry again, we give it the bucket treatment again and they seem happy enough that way!

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