Our first failure of 2022

We sowed some Little Gem lettuce a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately this is it in terms of germination. There is one seedling that has germinated properly, and then a couple that have germinated but with no leaves forming. It was an older packet of seed that we had sown some from last year, so we think that the seed has stopped being viable now unfortunately.

Therefore, we bought a new packet and gave these a go last weekend. As with our recent posts, the lettuce seeds were sown in exactly the same way.

We are going to try and germinate these just in the greenhouse, rather than the propagator. We’ll keep you updated!

2 thoughts on “Our first failure of 2022

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  1. Lettuce is a notorious bad germinator. Not too hot and not to cold, but good drainage seems to be considered key to success. A generous helping of vermiculite in the mix is often recommended.


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