Sowing small onions

We started off some Santero and Red Baron onions last weekend. Neither are new varieties to us, in fact, they’re firm favourites. And we’re hoping that these will produce some small onions (around 8-10oz each) by the time we come to harvest.

The benefit of Santero is that it’s downy mildew resistant too. So if that’s something that your plot suffers with, this might be the perfect onion variety for you!

As with most things we sowed, these were sown in 1/4 seed trays. Onion seeds are quite small and don’t show up well against the compost, however we try and space them as well as we can using a plant label to move them around.

After this, we covered them with vermiculite and labelled them up. They then went on the propagator to germinate. It’s not always necessary to germinate onion seeds on a propagator, but we find that it’s best whilst the weather is still colder.

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