Sowing our early Midnight courgettes

For the last couple of years, we’ve done an extra early sowing of courgettes that we’ve grown under cover until it’s warm enough to place them outside.

This year is no exception, so our Midnight courgettes were sown on 6 March.

As usual with cucurbits like courgettes, we sowed the seeds on their edge to try and give the seeds the best chance to germinate (with their stems and roots pointing in the right directions!) as well at to lower the risk of the seeds rotting off before they germinated.

A week later, they were ready to be pricked out.

When pricking them out, we did our best to handle them only by their leaves as the stems of seedlings can be particularly fragile.

These were potted up into 3″ pots in multipurpose compost, and will stay in these until they’re ready to be potted up into their final pots.

They are growing away quickly, and a week later they are already this big and their first true leaves are started to show in the centres!

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