Pricking out our Vampire peppers

After a few weeks in their cell trays, the Vampire peppers were ready to be potted up. These went into multipurpose compost in 3″ square pots. We filled each pot, gently compressing the compost as we filled it so there weren’t any air gaps for when the pepper plant was potted on.

Next up, we made holes in the compost large enough to fit the cell in, and then coaxed each cell out of its tray with a pencil. We find that this does the job very easily and prevents you crushing the cell trays and making them virtually unusable. Whenever you’re potting something on, especially out of cell trays, we’d always recommend letting it dry out slightly more than you usually would. Typically, this means that the compost comes away from its current cell/pot easier and the block of compost and the seedling’s roots are generally in tact as you move it to its new home.

We then carefully settled the compost around each pepper seedling.

Last but not least, we gave the peppers a light watering to further settle the compost around them. These will now stay in these pots until they are ready to be planted out later in the spring.

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