Preparing the herb garden for 2020

Some herbs are perennials (grow again year after year), but lots of the ones that we grow are annuals (you need to re-grow them every year).

These are some of the herbs we have sown for this year: garlic chives, italian parsley, chives and tarragon. We also have sage and thyme which have overwintered and will be taking cuttings from the mint now it’s starting to re-grow.

There are being grown on in a cold greenhouse at the moment, but should be able to be planted out in the herb garden in the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Preparing the herb garden for 2020

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  1. Hmmm! I’m worried about your tarragon. The French Tarragon used in cooking cannot be grown from seed, only from cuttings or divisions. Tarragon from seed is always Russian Tarragon, a member of the artemisia family with very little taste except bitter, gets 4-6′ tall, and self-seeds all over creation, becoming a nasty weed. Some unscrupulous seed companies don’t care, others apparently just don’t know, despite efforts by the International Herb Association and others trying to encourage proper labeling. Just wanted you to know. You may want to purchase a real tarragon plant, but taste it to make sure it has that “little dragon” burn on the tip of your tongue and that hint of anise, as some greenhouses seed Russian, but buy French tarragon labels. Sad, but true…..


    1. That’s interesting, we never realised this. We’ll have to see what happens once it’s grown. From memory, our seed packet mentioned it was Russian Tarragon, but seemed to suggest it was edible! We’ll let you know how bitter it turns out!!


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