Reinvigorating the mint

We’re getting ready to re-plant the herb garden for 2020. And this post focuses on the mint. Although mint is a perennial plant, we find that it grows with more vigour if you take cuttings each year and re-grow it.

We have three types of mint: ordinary garden mint, apple mint and black peppermint.

First, we took a couple of pieces from each of our mint pots from last year. The key with this is to try and pull out a couple of sprigs which have some roots attached, as it helps the mint get off to a quicker start.

We then popped each of these into a small pot (c.3 inches) filled with multipurpose compost. We’ll keep these watered and the compost moist, and before long, hopefully the cuttings will be on their way to producing their own plant.


Once they get established, we’ll pinch the top out of the growing point. This encourages the mint to throw side shoots and create more of a bush type plant rather than just one long stem.

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