End of April update

We thought it might be interesting to give you an update on some of the crops we’ve already planted out. This time round: lettuce, beetroot and courgettes!

We planted these out 10 days ago – and they’ve grown loads already! They’ve been in the polytunnel as Dad has kindly given up part of the path way to let me stand the containers in there to bring them on whilst its still chilly at night (and some days!)


The beetroot are the same. Although they take longer to mature, they’ve already grown lots compared to when we first planted them out from their cell trays.


And we’ve just been giving them some water once a day to keep the compost moist.

The courgettes are also starting to get going. They always get off to a steady start, although this may partly be because of our impatience. We really love courgettes throughout the summer months and so as soon as they are planted we can’t wait until we can harvest our first courgette!

And today – I spotted my first courgette forming – see right hand side photo! Although I know that inevitably this will be harvested prematurely whilst it’s still tiny, to allow the plant to gain some further strength to produce bigger and better (and more!) courgettes later on, I’m still excited!!

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