Other container crops

We sowed some carrots in containers on 26 April and some turnips, radishes and rocket on 2 May.

The carrots took the longest to germinate, as expected, but are all showing their heads now. With all the wind and sun we’ve been having recently, it’s been important to keep the containers watered so that the surface doesn’t dry out.


The radishes, turnips and rocket were much faster to germinate. As you can see, the radishes and turnips (left and right hand photos) look very similar and have much broader first leaves. The rocket on the other hand has tiny tiny seedlings – after the “sprinkle” method of sowing we used, they haven’t turned out too badly. There are some clumps that are much closer than others, but not a total disaster!

And despite my best efforts to space the turnips and radishes (which I did, I promise!) it looks like we were a bit over zealous with the watering, and we’ve washed some towards each other. They still look like they’re placed a decent distance apart though, so hopefully we won’t need to thin them out. We’ll see how we grow!

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