Slowly slowly, catchy strawberry!

So I’ve decided I might not be such a strawberry pro! Although the plants are growing, they haven’t produced plants that are nearly as big as we would’ve hoped! I have been watering them regularly to try and encourage them to grow, but it seems they just want to take it slowly!

Last year we thought it was to do with a combination of how late we planted them and the weed suppressant fabric we used to cover the soil, but perhaps we were wrong, we’ll have to see! Although maybe they did hold things up last year, but this year we didn’t get going with them early enough again, in terms of tidying them up and getting them ready for growing again this season.


Never mind, there’s always next year to try again! Besides, for what are rather small plants, they seem to have lots of blossom, and in many cases, appear laden with strawberries. So fingers crossed for a decent crop anyway!


I can’t wait until they start ripening!! In the meantime, I’ll read up on what to do with strawberries so hopefully it’s third time lucky in 2021!



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