Planting out our peppers

Our pepper plants were now large enough to be planted out into their final containers. The plants stand at about 6-8″ tall and are all starting to get flower buds (and one miniscule pepper has been spotted in the case of one!) which is a good sign.


We have decided to grow these in the same containers as last year. They’re old matt emulsion buckets but seem to do the trick with a few holes drilled in the bottom and round the sides just above the base.

Without these, the plants might get waterlogged which could stunt their growth. Therefore, you should always try and make sure that the containers you grow plants in have some sort of drainage holes.

We needed two more containers this year, so we’ve made use of these chicken manure and blood, fish and bone tubs that we’ve finished using. Hopefully they will do the trick! We made 8-10 holes in the bottom of each bucket, and then 4 around the sides just around the base.

As with all our containers, we then put a few inches of garden soil in the bottom of each one to add some weight and try and prevent the pots falling over, and then topped each one up with multipurpose compost.


Then it was time for planting! We made a hole just larger than the pot the peppers were currently in in the centre of each container. Then we carefully squeezed the sides of the pot to release the pepper from the pot so that it could be planted out.

As you can see, the peppers have made lots of roots since we last potted them up. So we think they’ll be thankful to get their roots into a larger pot! You may think that the plants look a bit dry in the photos. This is intentional! Whenever we plan to pot something on or plant it out, we try and let the compost dry out a little bit, as it makes it much easier to get the plants out of the pot. You can then give them a nice watering in once you’ve potted up/planted out, as they’ll soon forgive you for the water you’d been holding off giving them for the last day or so.

As with all plants we’re planting out, the peppers were then firmed in, by gently pushing them down into the compost and settling the compost around their stems.


After this, all that was left to do was label up each container, and then to give them a good watering to settle the compost around the plants.

Hopefully we’ll see more flowers (and little peppers!) over the coming weeks. We’ll let you know!

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