Container courgette progress

As a reminder, the two varieties we’re growing in our main sowing of courgettes for containers are Midnight and Sunstripe. Both are designed to be grown in containers, but one is green and one is yellow!

This is what the plants look like now. And weirdly enough, even though the Sunstripe that we originally sowed didn’t germinate so we had to sow another one a week later, the plants aren’t that much different in size! It just shows how quickly plants can grow (and catch up with their mates) when the conditions are right! It’ll be interesting to see if it keeps up the whole time, or whether the Midnight shoots ahead again.

The courgettes will stay in these pots until they are ready to be planted out into their final containers. It shouldn’t be long until that’s the case though! In the meantime, we’ll keep them watered as and when the compost starts to look a bit dry.

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