The brassica harvest begins…

As you may remember, we sowed some “trial” brassicas back in March to test open packets of seeds that we had left over from last season. We sowed three of a variety of seeds: cauliflowers, broccoli and romanesco cauliflowers.

The first cauliflower variety is now ready to harvest. These are Barcelona. Not the best looking as they had started to lift slightly before we harvested them, but they will still taste good.

Our broccolis were also ready to harvest – here’s me sporting one! This is Marathon and although not the biggest head we’ve ever grown, was still very tasty.


And Puntoverde the Romanesco cauliflower is just starting to show too! So he’ll be on the dinner plate soon enough.


The Graffiti purple cauliflowers aren’t coming just yet, neither are the other varieties of cauliflowers. But that’s a positive thing generally – it’s quite hard to eat that sort of volume of cauliflower if they all come at once!

Apart from watering regularly, between their last lot of chicken manure pellets, we also give them a feed of high potash liquid fertiliser when they are just starting to form, at the stage we would tie the white cauliflowers up to prevent the sunlight turning them yellow.

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  1. Have your tried the “Cook This Not That” recipe for cauliflower curry? Delicious and a good way to use up a lot of cauliflower that maybe isn’t altogether perfect.

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