Progress with the container courgettes

The first sowing of container courgettes are continuing in the way they started off – the British Summertime is growing quite wildly on the left hand side (probably because it is not designed to be shoved in a container!) and the Midnight which are the three on the left are growing incredibly compactly, as you would expect for a variety that has been bred for containers.

Give the British Summertime its due though, it has tolerated us staking it and tying it up periodically to prevent it falling over. And is producing some absolutely delicious courgettes!


The second sowing, Midnight and Sunstripe are also getting going now. The Midnight is now keeping up with the first sowing in terms of courgette production (approximately one courgette every other day) but we are finding that the Sunstripe is growing a little bit slower. But the bright yellow colour is a welcome addition to any meal!


The second sowing of container courgettes were also ready to stake last weekend. This time, we couldn’t build the framework in quite the same way as it would prevent us tending to the cucumbers that are growing in the middle of the two courgettes (as you can see on the right hand side of the photo below). However, we manage to push a stake into each pot and then attach a brace to the stake and the fence using a couple of screws. This should work just fine!



Whilst we were there, we also tied the courgette plants to their stake for the first time. This will be something we do every week or two now (depending on how fast they grow!) to try and make sure they are attached every 4-6 inches up the stem.

As we’ve said before, the only other thing they really need now is lots of water. We are watering once a day, with a couple of litres per plant.

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    1. Thank you! Oh no, this happened to us for a start too. Read our earlier blog post – it was very frustrating! But you’ll get one in the end, and then they’ll be no stopping them!

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