Outdoor cucumber progress

Our outdoor cucumbers are all doing well.

The Marketmore are growing up their wire mesh nicely. Unlike the other plants, we are not tying these up with string, and are instead relying on the plants to climb the wire mesh and cling on using their tendrils. They seem to be getting on alright so far! Therefore, the only thing we are doing with these is nipping out some of the side shoots so they don’t get too unruly, and taking off the male flowers, as they are self-pollinating.

The Diva mini cucumber is also growing rapidly. Although seems keener on grower itself more leaves than producing cucumbers so far unfortunately. Hopefully we will get one soon!

As you’ll see in the photo, this plant had two stakes from its base which we used last year. Therefore, we left a side shoot on the main stem and this is just starting to get itself in the right place to be trained along the higher of the two stakes.


This is the Tasty King. As you can see, this has got a couple of cucumbers coming on it.


The biggest of these was ready to be picked, so we cut him off to give the others a chance to grow.


We give these a little water daily, and a feed of MiracleGro or similar every couple of days.

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