Sugar snap pea update

It didn’t take the sugar snap peas long to germinate. This is a photo a week after sowing, but they were starting to poke their heads through 3 or 4 days in.


Again, we’ve had pretty good germination, with just the odd seed not germinating – it’s always to be expected.

As soon as the seedlings started poking their heads through, we removed the newspaper to allow the seedlings to see the light. Otherwise, the seedlings tend to get leggy and are yellow as they’re not able to photosynthesise! Don’t worry if you miss the first few poking up at any point, usually you can still salvage the seedlings once they get into the light. They soon turn green and providing you didn’t miss them by too many days, they will straighten up without being too leggy.


We’ll just keep these moist now until they are ready to be planted out.


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