Colourful capsicums

Since the last update, the peppers have just kept coming. It’s helped by the warm sunny weather, meaning the peppers are ripening fast.

Within a week, the D’Asti Giallo pepper has completely ripened. I’m extremely proud of my first ever homegrown bell pepper!


In connected news, the next one is ripening. So fingers crossed this one will be ready to eat soon enough!


The other peppers are also doing well, with Redskin and Snackbite being regularly harvested now as they ripen.

Lastly, we’ve made an interesting discovery about the Trinidad Perfume. Over the weekend, we noticed that a little chilli pepper had ripened. Keen to see how hot it was, we picked it and set about cutting it up to try a little bit to check the heat intensity. We soon realised that it tasted just like a slightly tangy sweet pepper. So we assumed it must be a rogue fruit…


A quick Google proved us wrong. Despite being a chilli pepper, it’s apparently a chilli pepper for chilli pepper haters! It has no heat whatsoever, and the tangy sweet pepper taster that we experienced is exactly as it should be. And we’ve thought it was a really hot chilli for months…

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