Sowing this year’s herb garden

We like to grow a few herbs each year, and we hope 2021 will be no different. There’s nothing better than being able to go out into the garden over the summer months to pick a few sprigs/handfuls of herbs to put in whatever you’re making for dinner. Quite a few different herbs we grow don’t go a miss in a cocktail either!

This is the list of herbs we decided on this year. And as always, the first thing was to write out all the plant labels!

Next, we filled the 1/4 seed trays with Seed & Potting compost as usual, and moistened this with a fine rose watering can. The final stage of preparation was to gently firm the compost down with our handy chunk of wood!

For the seeds that are large enough to handle, we carefully spaced the seeds in their seed trays. For those that are just too small, we tried to spread them out the best we could as we scattered them in the seed tray!

We then covered each seed tray with vermiculite to exclude the light whilst the seeds germinate, and then put them on the propagator to germinate.

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