The first container crops of 2021

We have a feeling we will be growing quite a few of our vegetables in containers this year, until we get a better idea of exactly how we want the garden to look/where we want to grow our veg. That’s not a problem though – there are lots and lots of veg you can grow successfully in containers, so we’re still looking forward to some tasty crops!

We got going with two things today: carrots and lettuce.

We got a bit of a head start with the lettuces (thanks to Dad!) These are Little Gem, a firm favourite of ours. Dad planted some out indoors today, but gave us the spares to try in a pot at our place. We haven’t got anywhere to keep them indoors unfortunately, but we thought we’d see how they go anyway.

We filled the pot with multipurpose compost, watered it to moisten the compost and then planted the lettuces out. I love the bright green colour of young Little Gem plants!

The other thing we started off today were carrots. We’ve gone for a variety called Paris Market Atlas, one we’ve tried before but not for a couple of years. The thing we like about these is that they’re round! Albeit we shouldn’t have any issues getting a decent stump carrot in containers (we’ll try and sow some another variety to illustrate this in the coming weeks), they can sometimes be an issue where your soil is very stony or difficult for the carrots to send their tap root down in to. The round carrots are perfect for this though, as the vast majority of the part you eat sits very close to the top of the soil, so you don’t have to worry about lots of forked carrots when you pull them. Not that that always matters, they taste just as good!

Again, we filled the pot with multipurpose compost and gave this a watering to moisten the compost. We then used a fine sieve to sieve a thin layer of compost on the top of the pot. This is designed to make a nice seed bed for the carrots. We would usually do this for smaller seeds, to help them along their way. Larger seeds don’t get this special treatment, as they tend to be a bit sturdier from experience and can just be sown on the moistened compost as it is.

After this, we carefully placed the seeds in the pot an inch or so apart. After they were all in place, we gently pressed each seed into the top of the compost with our finger and then sieved some more fine compost over the top to cover.

We’ll keep the pots watered, and hopefully have some carrot seedlings to show you in a couple of weeks’ time!

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