Our first update on the tomatoes and courgettes

We sowed a number of varieties of tomatoes and some Midnight courgettes on 7 March. Below are some photos showing their progress by 14 March. It goes to show that although the plants themselves may take a little while to produce a fruit, it doesn’t take long before they get moving and it’s fun to watch their full journey from seed to plate!

It’s a bit early to be sowing courgettes and tomatoes outdoors just yet, as the temperature is still quite cool, and they won’t like any frost! However, we’ve started ours off in the propagator and will then grow them on indoors before hardening them off and planting them outside once it warms up a bit.

Most of the tomatoes have germinated in less than a week and have needed to be pricked out. These are pricked out into 60-cell cell trays in Seed & Modular compost. Again, they are carefully labelled so we don’t get all the varieties confused!

We also pricked the courgettes out a week later. As these produce a larger plant, they are pricked out straight into 3″ square pots which they will stay in until they are planted out.

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