Some more garden progress

We made a bit more progress with the greenhouse last weekend. This time, we needed to remove the old glazing foam that was stuck to the aluminium frame. This has got a bit old and dried out, so we’ll look to replace it when we re-glaze the greenhouse.

These are a couple of before and after shots. It was quite simple to scrape the glazing foam off with a paint scraper, if anyone’s looking to do the same!

Next up, it’ll be moving the greenhouse frame to the back garden and fixing it on the base.

We also made some progress in the back garden (and some more before and after photos!) We weren’t keen on the box hedging bushes that were here when we purchased the house. In addition, they succumbed to the box hedge caterpillar last year, and they’ve never quite recovered, as you may be able to see from the photos. So after a bit of hard graft last weekend, we managed to pull all of the bushes out. It’s surprising how much more space there is in the garden now!

And here are the casualties!

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