Progress with our sugar snap peas

Our first sowing of peas are growing well up their metal wire. However, they are a bit unruly to begin with, as not all the plants want to grow up the wire you provide them with unfortunately!

Therefore, last weekend we pulled the net gently away from the plants and detached any tendrils that were clinging on to the outside. We then carefully tried to encourage the pea plants up the metal wire by winding their tendrils around the wire.

Last weekend, it was time to plant out the second sowing.

We didn’t have any metal wire left, so used some recycled plastic mesh instead. We fixed it in place with a few posts and across the top with a scaffold pole.

We then planted the peas along both sides of the plastic mesh about 4 – 6 inches apart.

After we’d planted them out, we watered them in with some water mixed with liquid seaweed to settle them in. Lastly, we covered them with some netting to stop the pigeons nibbling on the young shoots!

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