Relocating tomatoes

The tomatoes we’ve had growing on in the greenhouse were moved outside last weekend. At the same time, we placed a cane behind each plant about an inch from the stem, pushing it right to the base of the pot. The tomatoes will be tied up the cane every 4 to 6 inches to support the plants as they start forming fruits.


Whilst we were tending to the tomatoes, we also removed any side shoots that had grown since we last did it. It’s surprising how quickly they grow!

Our hanging basket tomatoes are almost filling their space now too, and there are tomatoes forming. The sheep’s wool that we have lined the baskets with is doing a great job at helping retain the moisture so far too! We’ll be moving these outside soon, but we need to fix the brackets to the house before we can do that!

In terms of ongoing care, we’re making sure the compost remains moist around the plants. We’re also giving them a liquid high nitrogen feed once or twice a week to encourage more leafy growth before the tomatoes are fully formed. At this point, we’ll switch to a high potash liquid feed, which encourages better fruit production.

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