Maintenance required in the greenhouse

After a couple of weeks of throwing water around in the greenhouse keeping the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers topped up with food and drink, you’ve guess it – we’ve got weeds!

Below are “before” and “after” photos. It didn’t take long, but I made sure to get up extra early to get in there and get the job done before it got too hot in there. Otherwise it’s a very uncomfortable situation!

Once the weeding was done, we gave the tomato plants some support canes as they’d got a real growth spurt on and we didn’t want them keeling over under their own weight! We’ve ordered some L shaped brackets that we can fix to the aluminium eaves and then put a wire through that we can fix the canes to. Hopefully these will come through the post soon and we can update you on that job! Until then, the plants should be fine with the cane supporting itself, but we’ll keep our eye on them!

Towards the back of the photo you can also see a cane we’ve put in the Tasty King cucumber plant. We try to grow our cucumbers up a diagonal rather than vertical canes where we can as we find that it allows the fruits to hang down straight but avoiding being scratching by the cane. Hopefully in a few weeks time we’ll get a photo to show you.

And after all that, the greenhouse looks clean and tidy again!

Last mention for the greenhouse this week goes to our Brandy Boy beefsteak tomato. This is a new variety to us, but for some reason had thrown up a double head. Hopefully you can see what happened from the “before”, “during” and “after” photos below.

After asking for advice on a couple of online gardening groups that we’re members of, the majority seemed to say that we should just let the “main” head continue. Therefore, we broke the “side” head off just above one of the trusses that had formed and are going to see how it gets on.

Other growers did say that we could leave both, but we’ve taken the more prudent position as it’s a new variety to us and kept just one head growing in case the plant wasn’t capable of bearing fruits on both heads!

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