Our shallot harvest

Our Hative De Niort shallots have now split and formed new shallots. Most have formed four bulbs, although a few formed only three and others a lot more! We haven’t done anything with them since we planted them out, so they are a really low maintenance crop. They only really need a bit of water in very dry weather and some weeding every now and then – albeit you can see we’d got a bit behind on that from the photo below!

We were forecast a few days of rain and we didn’t want the shallots to split or start re-growing. Therefore, we lifted them before the rain started and have left them to dry out undercover.

We removed the loose soil from around the roots, but otherwise left both the roots and leaves in tact whilst they dry off. These will die back as the shallots dry out, and might give them a little more nutrient to swell a little more as they die off.

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