Pricking out the Tasty King cucumbers

Last weekend, our Tasty King cucumbers needed pricking out.

Firstly we prepared the pots. These are 3″ square pots which we half filled with multipurpose compost. An addition we made to the compost was perlite. This can be added to compost to improve drainage as perlite is very porous and can soak up excess water.

Then we carefully pricked out each seedling into the pots. We have deliberately not topped up the pots with compost, and will do this overtime as the cucumbers grow. As we’ve mentioned previously, cucumber plants – especially the young seedlings – can be a bit temperamental. They especially don’t seem to like having cold, wet compost around their stems.

As not all the cucumbers had germinated at the same time, we gently firmed the compost back down in the tray and put the remaining seeds back on the propagator to see if they would germinate. And they did!

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