Sowing some tomatoes for 2022

After growing over ten varieties of tomatoes last year, we are trying to keep numbers down this year. We’ll probably still grow the same overall number of plants, but grow more than one of the varieties we really like rather than one of lots of different varieties.

That being said, on a first sweep of the seed box and what we had leftover last year, we have already got five must-haves!

There’s a real mixture amongst there. Pink Honeymoon and Borsalina are quite a large, beefsteak type variety, Olivade are a plum variety, Nimbus is a salad type and Honeycomb is an orange cherry tomato. Let’s see how many other varieties manage to get a look in by the time we get to planting out time…

The seeds were sown the same as always – you probably know the drill by now! And they were then placed on the propagator to germinate.

As with other seed sowings we’ve done, where we were only sowing a couple of seeds we split the seed tray with an old cane and then sowed two varieties – one in each end of the seed tray. You can see how we did this in the bottom right seed tray in the below photo.

These should germinate a bit faster than the carrots, so hopefully we’ll have an update in the next week or so on these.

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