The first of our container carrots

We have grown carrots in containers for a number of years, and always really enjoy eating them. However, we only ever seem to get round to sowing one lot which means the length of time which we have homegrown carrots is relatively short (or we have to be careful how many we eat at a time to try and make them last longer!)

Therefore, for 2022 we’ve vowed to try and do a few successive sowings so that we have carrots to eat for a longer period – we’ll see if we keep to our word!

The variety we like growing is Red Ideal. First up we filled our 30 litre container with some multipurpose compost, with some finer seed sowing compost scattered on top. We then gently pressed the compost down to create a more even surface for the seeds to be sown on.

We spaced the seeds out the best we could about 2″ apart around the container, and then covered with vermiculite and gave the compost a light watering.

Then after a little bit of greenhouse maintenance – the door had managed to jam itself open – which may or may not have something to do with me hitting the frame of it with the lawnmower over the summer months last year – we placed the carrots in the greenhouse to germinate.

We placed a spare piece of glass over the top to keep the seeds slighter warmer seeing as it’s still quite early in the season and the weather isn’t being overly kind to us at the moment!

And now it’s just time to wait for them to germinate. It might be 2-3 weeks, so hopefully we’ll have an update shortly. During that time, we’ll keep an eye on the compost to see whether it needs another light watering if it starts to dry out.

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