Lett-uce compare

After our first sowing of Little Gem lettuces not germinating earlier in the year, the new packet of seed we used for the second sowing germinated well and we planted these out a few weeks ago.

We did a little experiment with these, planting most of the plants out into a container, and the remaining four plants into the soil bed in the greenhouse.

If I’d been asked to place my bets, I would’ve put my money on the ones in the container. But how wrong you can be!

The lettuces grown in the corner of the soil bed by the door of the greenhouse have obviously found themselves considerably more nutrients than their counterparts in the container. To try and help with this, we have given a couple of feeds of liquid high nitrogen food which seems to have started to green them up a bit.

Now it is starting to get a bit warmer, we have also moved the ones in the container outside. Otherwise, we think that there’s a risk that they will go to seed before they have formed a decent sized lettuce.

In retrospect, we should have started giving the ones in the container some liquid high nitrgoen feed a bit sooner when we noticed they were falling behind the others. Never mind, you live and learn!

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