This year’s sugar snap peas

We’ve enjoyed the Cascadia sugar snap peas so much the last couple of years that we’re going to grow them again in 2022.

As usual, we sowed the seeds in small cell trays (40 to a seed tray) and then covered these with newspaper until they started germinating, keeping the compost moist as required.

A few weeks later and they were ready to plant out. We planted them 4-6″ apart along a length of wire so that they can grow up this and their tendrils can cling on to the wire to support the plants without too much intervention.

After planting, we watered in the plants to settle the soil around each one. We tend to do this initial watering in with a solution of liquid seaweed as we find that it gives the plants a nice little boost to get them started. Finally, we covered with some bird netting to stop the pigeons from nibbling the tender shoots.

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