An update on 2022 progress so far

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been sowing a number of different seeds. Therefore, we thought we’d provide an update on where they’re all at now.

First up, we have the Tasty King cucumbers. They’re growing on quite well in their 3″ pots and are starting to form their first true leaves. As we wrote in a previous post, as they are growing upwards out of the pot, we are gradually topping up with a little bit of compost around their stems. However, we are still being very careful with the watering so that the compost is not left too damp around their root and tender stems. As it is still quite cold, these are currently being grown on in Dad’s heated greenhouse, but fingers crossed it will warm up soon enough and they’ll be moved to our cold greenhouse to grow on.

Next up we have our peppers. We sowed lots of different varieties back in January, but below are photos of how two of these are getting on: Vampire and Snackbite Yellow. These will grow on in these cell trays for a little while longer and then be potted up into the same 3″ pots that the cucumber plant is in above. They will grow on in this size pot until they are ready to plant out later in the spring.

Like with the cucumbers, pepper plants aren’t particularly hardy so these are being grown in Dad’s heated greenhouse too at the moment. They will eventually be moved to our cold greenhouse though, and certainly don’t need heat during the later spring and summer months as they grow to maturity.

The Yellow Mimi tomato plants are also coming along nicely. As we’ve shown in prior years, these will also grow on in these pots until they are ready to plant out into their final pots later in the spring. Although you can often think giving a plant more space is helpful, giving it that space before it needs it can sometimes hinder its progress. Therefore, we’d always say wait until you can see a decent number of healthy white roots when you upturn your pot before potting your plant up into the next sized pot. When there are only one or two roots starting to show round the edge of the pot, it can usually wait a little while longer before it’s potted on.

The Marathon broccoli that we pricked out a couple of weeks ago are now growing on happily in a cold greenhouse. Brassicas are generally quite hardy and therefore there is no need for them to be in a heated greenhouse. Although it’s important to gradually harden off plants before planting out, it is also important to not provide them with any home comforts that they don’t require if you can avoid it! Otherwise, you can end up with weaker plants that when planted outside get a bit too much of a shock to the system.

Last up we have the Santero onions which you can see are just starting to germinate. We’ll let a few more come up and then will look to prick these out into cell trays similar to the pepper seedlings.

2 thoughts on “An update on 2022 progress so far

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  1. It’s lovely to see seed growing& looking good, roll on the spring &summer and hopefully lots of vegetables to show and fingers crossed lots of veg an flowers shows . mike & sue Hawkins


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