This year’s trio of peppers

We've tried growing three types of peppers this year: Padrons, Macchu Picchu and Snackbite. As an experiment, we have been growing some of each at our respective houses. A month or so back, the peppers needed potting up from their 3" pots. We potted them up at this point into 4" pots in multipurpose compost. Although it doesn't... Continue Reading →

Somewhere over the…Rainbow Chard

We sowed our Fantasia and Intense rainbow chard on 24 March. One is orange, and one is red, so we're hoping to grow a nice colourful crop with these! We sowed one seed per cell in Seed and Modular compost, pushing each seed gently into the compost. We then covered these with vermiculite, a sheet of glass and some... Continue Reading →

Some more potting on of peppers…

Today we potted on Emily's Gogorez peppers - they definitely needed some more room! They're also currently doing a little better than mine at the moment! We filled the pots up about half way with soil, and then topped with compost: Next, we made some room in the centre of each pot large enough to... Continue Reading →

Go Go Gogorez – Potting on the Peppers

  **From 20th April 2018** ...Better late than never with this post! Despite the overly enthusiastic title of this post, peppers really aren't the quickest growers. These were sown back in February, and some two months later they are ready to be potted on. Step 1. As you can see above, the 6 peppers were... Continue Reading →

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