Update on last weekend’s antics

We had some glorious weather last Saturday – lovely blue skies and sunshine. So we took the opportunity to move some of our vegetable plants outside, and to pot some others up.

We’ve got the crops we’re growing so far up against the wall to protect them from the elements, but we’ll probably move them to other parts of the garden as the number of things we have on the go increases!

The main potting up we did was this year’s tomatoes.

Before potting the tomatoes up, we remove the lower leaves as shown in the before and after photos below. We then bury the stem quite low down in the pot under the level of the compost and up to the first leaf we’ve left on.

Tomatoes sprout roots from their stems which will aid their uptake of water and nutrients. Therefore, we bury part of the stem to try and encourage this to happen and build a stronger plant from the beginning.

We planted each of our tomato plants out into a 10 litre pot and then gave them a good watering to settle them in. We also stuck a label in each pot so we don’t get the varieties confused. Although we recognise most of them, we’re not so sure about some of the new varieties!

The pots were filled with a layer of garden soil in the bottom. This helps give the pots some weight, but we also think it makes the tomatoes taste better. We then topped them up with multipurpose compost.

As well as our tomatoes in pots, we’re also going to grow some tumbling tomatoes in hanging baskets again this year, a mix of red and yellow cherry tomatoes.

We usually plant two plants per hanging basket and find that this works well. These will now hang in the greenhouse for a week or two to get them going.

As the tomatoes are now in larger pots, unfortunately the petunias have had to start fending for themselves outside. That being said, they seem to be quite happy with the arrangement so far.

We also took the opportunity to pot up our strawberry plants from last year. We had neglected these somewhat over the winter, but they were re-growing, so we’ve now potted them up into some fresh compost and hopefully we’ll get some strawberries again this year.

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