Outdoor cucumbers

We grew a couple of cucumbers outdoors last year successfully, growing up a batten fixed diagonally to our garden fence, so we wanted to try this again.

Therefore, we sowed our cucumbers in a 1/4 seed tray in seed and modular compost. We sowed the seeds on their sides the best we could, gently pushing them into the compost so that they were just below the surface.

After we’d finished, we covered each seed with a sprinkling of vermiculite.


When sowing smaller seeds, we usually cover the whole seed tray with vermiculite as it’s hard to pin point the sprinklings over the seeds! But with larger seeds, we manage to accurately put a sprinkling over each seed.

You can see from the photo that a couple of these seeds are already starting to germinate. They don’t take long! Although we have put these on a propogator to help them along a bit.


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