Container courgettes are now planted out

We sowed our main sowing of courgettes for containers on 26 April. These were planted outside in their containers on 24 May, so they don’t take long really! As a reminder, we have a Midnight and a Sunstripe in this sowing.

As with our other planting out in containers, we make a hold just larger than the pot the plant is currently growing in and then gently place the place in the hole after taking it out of its pot.


We find that the easiest way to get plants of this sort of size out of their pots is to carefully hold them upside down, supporting the plant with one hand and then squeezing the pot gently with the other to loosen the compost and release the plant.


After planting, we gently firm the compost round each plant and then water each plant in to settle the compost round the stem.


We’ll build a frame similar to our early sowing of container courgettes for these. But the plants are fine as they are for now, so that’s a job for another day!


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