Thinning out the turnips

As we mentioned in our article the other week, the turnips are growing really well in their container so far. And are starting to produce tiny turnips!

Unfortunately, there’s not enough space in the container to fit them all in to maturity though. Therefore, we thinned them out at the weekend. This is the end product. And hopefully with a bit more space, they’ll grow nicely to maturity.

When thinning out, we made sure to hold the turnip as close to its based as possible, holding it around the baby turnip that was forming and getting right in under it so we were applying pressure just to its tap root, rather than disturbing the soil around any others.

We thinned out based on the ones that looked the best shape, had the strongest plants, and that if left would have sufficient room to grow.


And here are the thinnings! These went on the compost heap, so even though we won’t be able to enjoy eating the finished product, we know they will decompose down into some nice compost to dig into the garden in a few months’ time.


2 thoughts on “Thinning out the turnips

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  1. You could have sauteed those tiny turnips and greens in a bit of butter and had a delicious meal! I’m sure the remaining turnips are grateful for the space.


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