The peppers are starting to ripen!

It’s been a long wait, but the peppers are starting to ripen. Well…one variety is, the Snackbite. We’ve grown this variety before and they’re absolutely delicious, so very much looking forward to trying this one out in the next few days once its fully ripened.


In other pepper news, the Basket of Fire are clearly starting to ripen, although I feel like they went from yellow to purple all of a sudden one week, and then have stayed like that ever since! As we haven’t grown them before, no idea if that’s what they’re supposed to do. But we’ll just have to wait it out!!


As well as these, the Redskin and Giallo D’Asti are growing away, although no signs of ripening yet.

Last but not least is the Trinidad Perfume – not the fastest grower we have to admit. After surprising us all by pollinating a chilli pepper the other week, we can’t say they’ve made much progress since!


But seeing as they don’t take much looking after, just a drop of water and an occasional feed of liquid high nitrogen fertiliser, we’ll give them a bit more of a chance to get going!


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