Peculiar horizontal cucumbers

As you’ll know if you’ve been following our blog posts, we’ve been growing three varieties of outdoor cucumbers this year: Marketmore, Tasty King and Diva.

My favourites are the Diva, a snack size cucumber. I harvested this one shortly after taking the photo and ate it before it even got out of the garden!


Next up we have the Tasty King. Which give them their due, are very tasty. The larger cucumber you can see in this photo was cut on the day of the photo, to give the smaller one a chance.


But as you can see, after a week away in Cornwall, this one had got a bit out of control, so again, he was harvested to give other cucumbers further up on the plant a chance.


Last but not least are the Marketmore, the reason for this post! They seem to be absolutely loving doing their own thing – their tendrils are doing a great job of clinging on to the wire mesh. And the plants are laden with cucumbers as we are leaving most of the side shoots on.

As we mentioned before, unfortunately some of the smaller cucumbers ended up dying off further up these plants as the larger ones were taking all the food! However, we have rectified this now so that the other smaller cucumbers can grow on happily to maturity.


However, for some strange reason, these ones seem to have a tendency to grow across on to the wire mesh and therefore have no choice but to grow horizontally!

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