Carrots galore

We sowed some carrots back at the end of April in a container, along with a couple of other salad crops. Needless to say, the radishes were finished ages ago and the turnips came to an untimely demise unfortunately. However, we’ve kept up watering our carrots and they did not disappoint!

This bunch was one of 4 we ended up being able to get from the first container. Let’s hope the next container is as fruitful!

As we’ve mentioned before, the biggest problem we have with carrots is usually carrot root fly! And as they are attracted by the smell of carrot, once you start harvesting them, you are asking for trouble.

Therefore, we decided to eat this container of carrots in quick succession, so have had them for quite a few meals over the last week or so! We managed to prevent the carrot fly having a sniff and ruining the crop though.

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