Our new cucumber varieties

Luckily, our Striped Armenian cucumbers are starting to pick up after an initial strike on being moved to our greenhouse. One is doing better than the other (this being the better one). I think they’ve improved for two reasons: 1. We started giving them more water; and 2. we gave them sun hats (yes, that cardboard in the background!)

Initially, we were being quite sparse with the water as cucumbers can be a bit funny if they’re overwatered. I think it turns out that this variety don’t mind, and they’ve definitely picked up since we started being a bit more free-flowing with the water!

Their growing points can easily get burnt in the sun too though, so we made them some sun hats out of cardboard packing in one of our deliveries. We can move this around as the plants grow to protect the growing point.

The Salt and Pepper plant is still thriving in the other corner. It’s now got a cane, a sun hat and also a tiny baby cucumber starting to form. We’ll keep you updated!

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