Pricking out some of our tomatoes, and sowing a few more varieties!

It didn’t take our initial sowing of tomatoes long to germinate – under a week in fact! Here, we’re pricking some of the Pink Honeymoon out into cell trays. Unfortunately these had got slightly leggy waiting for us to get to Mum and Dad’s to prick them out at the weekend, but fear not, we just submerged the seedling into the compost up to its leaves and hopefully we should still get a strong plant going forward.

And we couldn’t resist sowing a couple more varieties. This time it was:

  • Sweet Aperitif;
  • Cocktail Crush;
  • Fandango; and
  • Sacher.

The Sacher are a new one to us this year, but promise to deliver a salad-type tomato that’s brown in colour. The Cocktail Crush and Fandango are also salad sized tomatoes which are apparently very resistant to blight, and the Sweet Aperitif are a cherry tomato which say they are exceptionally sweet to taste. We’ll have to try and remember to post some reviews later on in the year!

As before, these will be put on the propagator to germinate, and hopefully it won’t be long before we have some seedlings to show you.

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