Frost bite…literally!

We had sown a couple of tomatoes, Yellow Mimi, earlier than our other tomatoes in the hope of some early cropping tomatoes.

Having patiently waited until the plants had flowers starting to form in their centres, they were ready to be potted on to their final pots. We wait until the tomatoes are starting to form flowers to try and maximise the number of trusses of tomatoes we get from our plants. Where you don’t do this before potting them on, you can sometimes find that the tomato spends all its time and energy growing a really big plant, but not producing any flowers. Without flowers, there are no fruits!

However, once a plant is in the swing of producing flowers, it generally continues to do so.

It was all going so well. That is until we had an unexpected frost one night…

The morning after, we already knew that there were consequences of us not realising there was going to be a frost, as the plants had already started looking very sorry for themselves.

And it has had quite a lasting impact. Although they weren’t completely wiped out by the experience, the one on the right nearly was!

The one on the left now seems relatively unscathed, albeit we have lost the first truss that was forming when we first planted it out. That being said, it has already formed a second truss so all is not lost.

The plant on the right is more worse for wear. We lost its first truss, and its lower leaves as well as its growing point. However, luckily a side shoot survived and so we are looking to grow that on as the main growing point now.

Fingers crossed we don’t have any more frosts, but if we do, we have the fleece at the ready to try and protect our plants!

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