Bank holiday sowing

We took the bank holiday weekend as an opportunity to sow some more vegetables to enjoy over the summer months.

First up, Chris was sowing some Rougette radishes and some mixed leaf salad in containers. These are sown in multi-purpose compost and then covered with some sieved compost to exclude the light whilst the seeds germinate.

Whilst he was busy with that, I was doing some sowings that needed to be done in cell trays. These will be transplanted later on once they have germinated and grown on a bit.

I was in charge of: sunflowers, chop suey greens, pak choi, fennel and soya beans. I filled the cell trays with multi-purpose compost and labelled each cell tray to avoid any confusion later down the line.

We grew some sunflowers last year and they added a lovely burst of colour over the summer months. Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers, something about seeing them just makes me smile.

We also grew pak choi, chop suey greens and soya beans last year, albeit only the pak choi were any success. We’re hoping to give them a better try this year.

Fennel is a new one to us. We tried a couple of fennel bulbs last year and really enjoyed the various ways we cooked them. Therefore, we wanted to give growing our own a try

After sowing, we covered the seeds and then covered with newspaper until they germinate.

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