Our 2022 courgette story

We wanted to share progress with our early sowing of container courgettes, Midnight.

These were potted up into these 30 litre containers a couple of weeks ago, and are just starting to get established and really get growing. They have literally doubled in size over the past week, so it should be all go from here!

They are starting to form flowers too, so fingers crossed it won’t be too long before we get some courgettes to enjoy. We will keep these in the greenhouse for a little bit longer yet, as it is still cooling down quite a bit at night. However, we are opening the greenhouse door, windows and louvre during the day now to start to acclimatise them to the outdoors aso they are ready when we’re happy that there won’t be any more frosts and the evenings are staying warmer.

As well as these, we have also sowed our main sowing of courgettes. We’re growing some old favourites again this year, but also a couple of new varieties. One of these is One Ball, a spherical yellow courgette, so looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Here I am pricking the seedlings out into 3″ pots in multipurpose compost. The plants will grow on in thes until they are ready to plant out.

You have to be careful when pricking out courgettes as they can often have quite a root system by the time they’re ready. Therefore, we always try and push the dibber in around the seed quite wide, to prevent inadvertently chopping off any of the young roots.

And a couple of weeks later, here’s how they’re getting on.

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